Monday, February 1, 2010

Series 2 Cancelled

Yes. Series 2 has been cancelled. Why? Well, it may not have shown in the log (or it may have, I'm unsure), but the DM wasn't actually that good. The plot was cliched. He seemed to be making most of the DCs up as he went, sometimes after we'd rolled. He was almost certainly fudging dice rolls every ten seconds or so. And he stuttered, quite a bit. This isn't meant to offend him in any way. He's one of the bolder people I know, I'd hate to have him gone, and hate even more to have him as my enemy.

But the series was indeed cancelled. Doctor Skinn's insanity is going to be toned down a bit and he'll be inserted into Series 4, On A Mission From Gods, which should have its first installment up by tomorrow night (even though the actual session happened two days ago, the same day as Episode 1 of Phoenix Rising).

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